Artificial intelligence and development

The program is designed for specialized professionals who have passed the entrance test. Key knowledge necessary for the formation of digital competencies that significantly affect the efficiency of the company in the context of global digital transformation.

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What is artificial intelligence?
Weak, or narrow AI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence, ANI) allows you to see weak hints of intelligence in the behavior of machines (which is why it is called weak). It is designed to run only a strictly defined narrow range of applications (which is why it is called narrow).

In the case of ANI, no autonomous behavior or self-development beyond human control is possible. Systems equipped with ANI can only exist in the form in which they were created by man and even theoretically cannot get out of his control.
Remaining also hypothetically strong, or general AI (Artificial General Intelligence, AGI), in terms of reasonableness, is one step lower than ASI, adherents of this type of AI are limited in their beliefs by the possibility of creating machines capable of at least performing the same actions as a person.
Three types of artificial intelligence
The first type is used everywhere (including voice assistants, advertising in social networks, face recognition, searching for romantic partners in applications, and so on); these weak AI systems are the only ones available today.
Super AI could not only become like humans, but also surpass the best minds of mankind in all areas, while reprogramming itself, continuing to improve and, probably, developing new systems and algorithms on its own.
Strong AI is as close as possible to the abilities of human intelligence and is endowed with self-awareness according to Turing's classical definition; according to experts, AGI will be formed around 2075, and after another 30 years, the time will come for super-AI.
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GPT-3 from the field of natural language processing (NLP), the most complex and at the same time flexible neural network, capable of generating articles on almost any topic that are at first glance difficult to distinguish from those created by humans.
A breakthrough in medical science, the AlphaFold 2 neural network is able to determine the three-dimensional structure of a protein with high accuracy in just a few hours, compared to traditional methods.
AutoML (automated machine learning) algorithms have made AI accessible to small and medium businesses through integration with cloud systems (for example, MLSpace from SberCloud, Microsoft Azure or AutoML from Google).
What is artificial intelligence capable of now?
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